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1. Can I see how much the campaign has raised to date?

  • YES!  There is a campaign thermometer located on the front page of the Queen of Peace website.  This thermometer is updated on a regular basis. 

2. Why is the pledge process so important?

  • In order for us to reach our goal of $5 million, we must rely on pledges.    We need 100% of our $5 million pledged and 50% of the funds in the bank in order for us to begin to build.  We can keep the costs down if we are able to build at an earlier date.   

We understand that many of you give generously in the weekly collection.  However, without your pledge we will only be able to count your gift one at a time.  For example, if you give $10 each week in the collection toward the building project but do not pledge, you are giving $1,560 throughout the three year pledge period.  However, we will only be able to count that each week as it goes in and not account for it in our pledge total.  

3. How can I make a pledge to the capital campaign?

  • At this time, we are not set up to make a pledge online.  We are just beginning the solicitation process and materials should be sent to you shortly (in English and Spanish).  If you are interested in making a pledge and have not received any details about the campaign by April 15th, please contact the church office at 303-364-1056.  Business Manager, Dennis Haberkorn, will assist you. 

4. I’d prefer to give to the campaign in the weekly collection, is this possible?

  • It is possible, but we prefer you to utilize the pledge card process.  That way, we can account for your pledge throughout the campaign.  In order for us to begin to build at the earliest possible date, we need 100% of our $5 million pledged and 50% of the funds in the bank.  This process is set by the Archdiocese.   

Once you have pledged, you may place your gift in the weekly collection.  Please use the capital campaign envelopes.  These will be provided to you when you pledge.  Envelopes will be sent according to the timing of reminders you choose.  If you are writing a check, please write capital campaign in the memo.    

5. Is my pledge/gift tax deductible?

  • Yes. Any donation made to Queen of Peace is tax deductible. Queen of Peace will mail you a receipt in January of each pledge year, or earlier if you request it.

6. Is my pledge legally binding?

  • No, a pledge is a gift, one that you consider meaningful to you. 

7. What if I have more questions?

Please contact the main office 303 364-1056

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