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Since everything in the sacristy pertains to the service of God, every attention is given to making the sacristy a place worthy of its use.

Our duty is to keep everything in the Sacristy, as well as the Sanctuary, in its place and clean.

We polish and clean all sacred vessels that are used at all liturgies.

We wash and clean all linens used at Mass, such as altar cloths, purcificators, corporals, etc. and change linens when necessary.

We sew new linens and mend them as needed.

We also keep the Priests’ vestments neat and clean.

We maintain all candles used in liturgies in working condition and continually filled.  We also polish and clean candelabras and candle holders.


Our service requires behind the scene activity and preparation, however if the event is to have dignity there must be care and preparation.  This  involves a great number of people.

If you are interested in more information on the Altar Care Ministry please contact:

Donnamarie Irwin - 303 364-8359

13120 E Kentucky Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
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