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In a Sacramental Marriage, the couple celebrates their love as a unique encounter with Jesus Christ.  The love of husband and wife symbolizes the love that Jesus Christ has for his Church.  In the Sacrament of Marriage, you are the outward sign of God’s love, and you become that holy and living sacrament as you make your personal and irrevocable covenant with God.  The priest or deacon and the people present are only witnesses to your wedding promises or vows.  Through your  conscientious preparation, you can be assured of a wonderful day for you, and for all who celebrate with you this most special occasion; the beginning of a Christian marriage which promises you joy and happiness, challenge and adventure, for the rest of your lives. 

  • Beginning Your Marriage Preparation:

Deacon John Thunblom coordinates the marriage preparation process in the parish. The first step in preparing to marry is to call Linda at 303-364-0734. She  will assist you by providing basic information and helping you arrange an appointment to get started.  So that you may prepare properly for the Sacrament of Marriage, and allow ample time for organizing your wedding ceremony, you are asked to follow the requirements of the Archdiocese of Denver by making initial contact at least eight months prior to your desired wedding date. A tentative wedding date to reserve the church may be made during your initial phone call, however, it remains tentative until your meeting with Deacon John to begin formal preparation. Please do not make binding reception plans until after this meeting. Be aware that if either of you have any previous marriages, including Common Law, civil, or non-Catholic marriages, annulment proceedings must be completed and a copy of the final annulment decree be provided before your marriage preparation can be started or your wedding date set. Deacon John will assist you with this process.

  • Premarital Forms and The Foccus:

At your first meeting with Deacon John, you will be asked to complete the appropriate premarital forms.  This aspect of your preparation is to assure that you understand the full meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage in the Roman Catholic Church.  In addition, you will be asked to complete the FOCCUS inventory.  FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) is an effective marriage preparation tool to help you identify areas of concern so that you may discuss them with each other prior to marriage.  This inventory is not a test of any kind.  It is simply a tool to help you in your awareness of those areas important to a successful marriage.  The FOCCUS inventory will be processed and the results reviewed with you by a married couple who have been trained to review FOCCUS results.  In addition, you will be required to attend a workshop for engaged couples and a life skills class.  These requirements are satisfied by attendance at the Queen of Peace weekend for engaged couples which is offered three times a year. (February, June, November)

  • Liturgy Planning: (The Wedding Ceremony)

During the course of the preparation process, you  will be invited  to explore the religious dimension of marriage and the importance of the Church’s role in your lives.  You will be offered helpful ideas on how to have a successful and happy marriage.  Three to four months prior to your wedding date, the Marriage Coordinator will meet with you to review the format of the ceremony, assist you in choosing special readings, and help you to create a wedding that reflects your love and commitment to each other in a reverent and worshipful atmosphere.  We encourage you to make use of our parish staff’s experience when making decisions about your liturgy. Their knowledge will allow you to create a personal, beautiful, and meaningful ceremony for you and your guests. They welcome your questions.


Contact Information:

   Wedding Scheduler - Linda Broeren    (303) 364-0734

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